The First Briefing of GB/T 50378-2014 to Consultancy Company

      In order to better promote the popularization and development of the national "Green Building Evaluation Criteria" (GB / T 50378-2014) in Hong Kong, "Green Building Evaluation Marks Review Consultant Company Briefing" was successfully held by Board of Certification, China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council, China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council and Center for Housing Innovations, The Chinese University of Hong Kong at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on February 18, 2017. Prof. TSOU Jin Yeu, Director of Board of Certification, China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council, Dr. Philip YU, Mr. Antonio C M CHAN, Prof. Andrew LEUNG, Chairman of China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council, and other guests attended the event.

Saturday workshop 1

      This event is aim to introduce the online GBL application system to the three Authorized GBL Consultants (AECOM Design & Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Arup Engineering Consultants and GB Tech Consulting Ltd, which is currently recognized by Board of Certification, China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council). At the beginning of the event, Prof. Andrew LEUNG first introduced the development of China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council, and Dr. Philip YU explained the management rules of the Authorized GBL Consultants. Then, Prof. TSOU Jin Yeu gave a brief introduction to the application process, main steps and precautions of the green building evaluation mark, and explained the problems that may be encountered in the process of reporting. Finally, Mr. Antonio C M CHAN summed up the event.

Saturday workshop 2


      The success of this event has further promoted the understanding of the green building evaluation mark of the China Green Building Evaluation and Evaluation Consultant, and the promotion and implementation of the "Green Building Evaluation Standard" (GB / T 50378-2014) in Hong Kong. The importance of promoting the development of green building in Hong Kong.


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