Strictly abide by the national constitution, laws, regulations, policies and the China Municipal Science Research Association charter; to carry out academic free discussion, adhere to the scientific concept of development, promote academic prosperity; for economic construction, in-depth study of socialist market economy under the conditions of the development of green building and Building energy efficiency theory and policy, and strive to create a green building and building energy conservation to adapt to China's national conditions and scientific system, and strive to improve China's rapid urbanization in the process of resource and energy efficiency, security and improve the living environment; actively participate in international academic exchanges, Green building and building energy-saving technological progress, and promote green building science and technology talent to grow; play a bridge and link role, to promote China's green building and building energy conservation to contribute to the cause of development.




To connect green building associations and related government administrations in mainland China and associate with professional institutions and international academic groups.


To act as a hub to provide professional training and information to serve the professionals from Hong Kong and certify them to be recognized in other cities, provide general education for young generations to foster their engagement in green building industry.  


To conduct Green Building Labeling (GBL) certification exercise in Hong Kong and mainland China. GBL is an assessment for certifying a green building and provides a recognizable symbol in Hong Kong and mainland China.


To assist Hong Kong companies expand their capacities and green building related industries to transform and develop green building in the Greater Bay Area, also benefit the society by improving the environment in Hong Kong.


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